Farm Jeep
Feb. 2004 – Aug. 2005 Update

Meanwhile back at the ranch...
For a variety of reasons we have really gotten bogged down, both in working on the projects, and updating the site. Some work has been done, so consider this our catch-up.

1947 Willys Jeep CJ-2A: Project "Old Yeller" Update

In the mean time, we have been using the rust bucket '47 as a real farm jeep. It is pulling wagons and hauling tools. Still fighting the hydraulic pump setup on the Newgren and are still searching for a proper pump. But it got a new set of seat covers (Barry's Father's Day gift) and it was a real "lipstick on a pig" event. Sure does make getting in and out a lot easier. The original seats had the vinyl worn through and you got snagged by a spring wire now and then.

1949 Willys Jeep CJ-3A: Project "Ole Blue" Update
Frame cleanup
“New” engine
Tires for the 3a
We are in the process of finishing the frame (needs a top coat) and making the final list of "parts" needed to get to the 3a to the rolling chassis stage. Hope to have that done in the next month or so.

Non Jeep Update
New Jeep dog
Additional Willys storage

Barry’s notes:

Evan’s notes:

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