Farm Jeep
1949 Willys Jeep CJ-3A:
Project "Ole Blue"
Part 5 Paint, Parts and Persistence

Paint, Parts and Persistence
It has been a year of incredible change; the birth of Evan’s daughter Madeline and the death of Barry’s father seemed to leave little time for jeep work. Ole Blue has been waiting patiently, and Ole Yeller has gone about the work of a farm jeep, needing only a brake fluid refill. But with the spring weather came the strong urge to “turn a wrench” and get the projects back on track – or on wheels in our case.

Paint on old jeep parts is like mulch on an untended garden. It is almost like magic to see the shabby and neglected turn to neat and newly alive. We have spent a number of hours using a power washer, wire brushes and old fashion elbow grease to remove 58 years of mud and grime. With each piece, we have stood back and marveled at clean, if rusty bits that transform to lovely jeep parts with just a little paint.

Tires on axles
We have come to love our engine hoist, as a true multi-function tool. Once we had the axles painted, we thought having the wheels mounted would make moving things around simpler. So we lifted the axles with the hoist and mounted the wheels.

Axles on frame
Seeing the axles under the frame was pretty exciting. It took a little time to get both axles attached with new hardware. We temporarily replaced the steering linkage and added new shocks. This was the simplest shock job ever. And our guess is that this is the first new set in decades.

Rolling Chassis!
We did just that – rolled it back into the garage. And with the help of a pair of car dollies, we parked the once more mobile frame back in the garage. We might actually get this jeep back together!

Barry’s Notes:
Evan has been the driving force behind the return to the project. It has felt really good to be working on the project again. This is good therapy.

Evan’s Notes:
Spending a few days working on the Jeep reminds me that I need to play the lottery so I can do this full-time.

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