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1947 Willys Jeep CJ-2A:
Project "Old Yeller"
Happy 1st JRT Anniversary!


Happy 1st JRT anniversary!
It has been a full year since we ventured to Moline, IL to retrieve “Old Yeller.”

Barry's notes:
Among my many saved emails is one sent to Evan dated July 15 and titled “Now this looks like a real Jeep…” and pointing to an e-bay ad. Ev wrote back, saying “I’m game if you are.” And so it began. It has been literality a “great ride” although I have noticed a few things. The garage at the farm is full of Jeeps; Four, to be exact, in a three “car” garage. Farm projects have slowed, with all “free” time being spent tinkering with “Old Yeller.”

I also have seem to have picked up a few new addictions. These include daily (sometimes several times daily) searches of e-bay for Jeep parts and daily (sometimes several times daily) reading of Jeep forums. I can’t see an ad for a “parts” Jeep without considering the possibilities.

It really doesn’t seem possible that it has been a year. We have met all kinds of interesting and wonderful people, learned a lot and enjoyed every (well almost) minute of the adventure.

Evan's notes:
A few Surprises
While I knew a project Jeep would be great fun for the grandfathers, Barry, and I. It is wonderful to see my mom, Paula, having so much fun with it too.

Some Greatly Appreciated Help
Both my grandfathers, P.D. and Forrest, have truly been our “Chief Mechanics,” saving us countless hours with their observations and their years of experiences, working on the 50-some-odd year old machines.

Waxing Philosophical
Looking at the old Jeep is a litmus test of sorts; you either see the potential for what could be again, memories of what was, or a rusty old bucket of bolts. My dad sees the potential, my mom the memories, and with a sly smile, my wife sees a bucket of bolts that seems to make all of us happy.

And in the End
I can’t believe I forgot how much we all love Jeep rides.

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