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Willys Jeep CJ-3A
Refinements over the CJ-2A included improved ventilation and a one-piece windshield with wipers moved from the top of the windshield to the cowl

Willys Jeep
General Specifications

Willys-Overland L-134
"Go Devil"
4-cylinder iron block
Bore x Stroke 3 1/8 x 4 3/8 in
Displacement 134.2ci
Compression Ratio 6.48:1
Horsepower 60 @ 4000 RPM
Torque 106lb/ft @ 2000 RPM
Overall Length 123.12 inches
Overall Width 57.12 inches
Overall Height 66.38 inches
Wheelbase 80.0 inches
Overhang front/rear 20.59/22.31 inches
Track front/rear 48.25/48.25 inches

About this page
I've attempted to distill all the information we've gathered while trying to identify the model and year of our 19?? CJ-?A "Ole Blue." Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.


CJ3A vs. CJ-2A

3A one-piece windshield with cowl vent, 2A two-piece windshield no vent.
3A wipers on windshield cowl, 2A on the top of the windshield.
3A bumper bolted directly to front frame horns. 2A used gussets between the front frame horns and the bumper.
Length of the top of the rear wheel well: 3A 32", 2A 35-5/8"
Distance between driver's seat and steering wheel: 3A 15.125", 2A 14"
Dana 41 rear axle - round cover ('48 - early '51)
Dana 44 rear axle - cover has straight sides (early '51 - '53)

Improved top setup (more head room). Overall vehicle height: 3A 66.375", 2A 64"
Improved carburetor: 3A Carter WO-636-S, 2A Carter WO-596-S
Improved fuel pump: 3A adds vacuum booster (for windshield wipers)
Improved camshaft: 3A gear driven, 2A chain driven
Improved front axle shaft design (chassis #37549 and up):
              3A drive pinion spacer eliminated, 2A spacer
              3A shaft outer end floats (not retained by nut and lockwasher), 2A nut and lockwasher
              3A eliminated lower king pin bearing shims, 2A shims
Improved clutch: 3A 165 foot-pounds, 2A 144 foot-pounds

CJ3A Information
HTML Version of Bob Westerman's Early CJ Changes Database

Willys Jeep CJ-3A Production Information
1949 CJ-3A   10001 37749 27749
1950 CJ-3A   37750 63784 26034
1951 CJ3-A 451 GB1 10001 54158 44158
1952 CJ-3A 452 GB1 10001 38652 29652
  CJ-3A ST CH 452 GA1 10001 10013 13
1953 CJ-3A 453 GB1 10001 20617 10617

Serial Number Locations
Serial numbers are located on the left front of the frame and on the back of the bumper. The engine number was located at the front of the engine block on the water pump boss.

This information was complied from the following resources:
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Sales Brochure for "The Universal Jeep" on The CJ2A Page
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"Jeep" by Jim Allen
"Jeep Owners's Bible" by Moses Ludel

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